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We have transformed our business into one that aligns with the
wider nation-building agenda.

We have transformed our business into one that aligns with the
wider nation-building agenda.

We have transformed our business into one that aligns with the
wider nation-building agenda.

We have transformed our business into one that aligns with the
wider nation-building agenda.

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Actions speak louder than words.

We have transformed our business into one that aligns with the wider nation-building agenda.  This is reflected in the following B-BBEE credentials:

For the past two years, Bluespec has achieved a Level-1 B-BBEE rating.

Bluespec is 51% owned by highly respected empowerment partners.

Five of the nine Directors on our Board are black females, including our Chairperson.

Bluespec’s empowerment partners distribute to 600 000 beneficiaries.

Genuine transformation is not just about compliance.

What really matters is that the actions of our business, and its leaders, promote a state of equality, in terms of both opportunity and treatment, that empowers our employees and external stakeholders to reach their full potential.

Achieving this demands more than just a change in mindset; tangible action is required to yield equality. For this reason, Bluespec has undertaken several initiatives to empower our people and the communities in which we operate:

The shortage of skilled artisans in South Africa is well documented. Given the large number of unemployed individuals in our country, an opportunity exists to supply our industry with the talent it needs to thrive – while providing a life-giving source of income and purpose.

The Bluespec Apprenticeship Programme strives to develop a perennial pool of talented, professional artisans in the following areas: towing, assessing, panel-beating, security, contact centres, service industry and logistics.

To date, 115 artisans have been through our programme, the majority of whom are women from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learnerships are programmes that require on-the-job training, supported by structured/institutional learning. Employee progression and growth within our business is crucial for us to retain valuable skills, experience and knowledge. An effective way to do this is to nurture our employees to upskill themselves. We provide learnerships in the following areas of competence:

  • Business administration
  • Technology
  • Automotive repair
  • Project management
  • Call centre operations

We have 134 active learners throughout the group, 40 of whom are people with disabilities.

A lack of work experience often frustrates the efforts of new graduates trying to enter the workforce, so we have opened our business to willing graduates on an internship basis.

This initiative gives Bluespec an opportunity to add young, talented and skilled employees to our team. We have interns working across Finance, IT, Logistics and Customer Service functions.

Our experience and diversity gives us in-depth insight into the skills needed within the industry as a whole. We have partnered with universities and other educational institutions to extend support to historically disadvantaged South Africans who wish to study in the following areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • IT

The nature of our business requires us to align with smaller black-owned and operated service providers who play a vital role in service delivery to our corporate clients. We acknowledge and recognise the importance of black entrepreneurs and their willingness to grow and develop the skills necessary to access more work and develop their businesses. By way of example, we recently collaborated to provide 20 specialised recovery vehicles to Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs) in the towing and recovery sector.

Bluespec strives to multiply the impact of our own transformation efforts by continually diversifying our supplier base in favour of small, empowered, black-female owned businesses. We currently provide a grant to a black-youth-owned training academy in exchange for collaboration with our skills development initiatives.

Many people in our country find themselves in dire circumstances beyond their control and, as part of our efforts to address the stark inequalities that characterise our country, Bluespec has established a Socio-Economic Development Committee.

The Committee facilitates donations to non-profit organisations that care for children with disabilities (such as the Smile Foundation) and illnesses, as well as those who’ve been abandoned. We’ve also partnered with the Tsikulukulu Trust to pay school fees for children attending Future Nation Schools.