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Genuine broad-based empowerment partners
with proven track records.


Complementary partnerships

True transformation requires collaboration with empowerment partners who not only have their finger on the socio-economic pulse of South Africa, but also the industry influence to help us to amplify our transformation efforts as we pursue nation-building..

Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings (WIPHOLD) and African Rainbow Capital (ARC) are the perfect empowerment partners to help us to strategise and deliver on our goals.


Founded by Louisa Mojela and Gloria Serobe in 1994, WIPHOLD is a black-female-owned-and-managed investment firm. It makes long-term, strategic investments across key sectors of our economy and uses the returns to pursue broad-based empowerment initiatives.

There are roughly 200,000 female beneficiaries who jointly own 33,5% of WIPHOLD through the WIPHOLD Investment Trust and the WIPHOLD NGO Trust. WIPHOLD’s mission is to build a sustainable business that grows shareholder value and creates opportunity for SA women. More specifically, it enables young black women to operate at senior levels in business and finds innovative ways to spark sustainable business in rural areas.

To date, the beneficiaries of the WIPHOLD Investment Trust have received over R148 million in distributed dividends, with a further R37 million allocated to select NGOs.

The WIPHOLD NGO Trust uses similar distributions to support various non-government organisations, including:

  • People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)
  • Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre (TLAC)
  • Mnquma and Kwa Drabo Trusts
  • DENOSA (the nursing union)
  • SASBO (the banking union)
  • South African Council of Churches
  • Archbishop TC Makgoba Development Trust
  • National Baptist Church

Over R85 million has flowed to these organisations via WIPHOLD’s investment activities.


The WIPHOLD Investment Trust has more than 1,200 direct and 18,000 indirect women beneficiaries. The Trust is a 15.4% shareholder in WIPHOLD, with distributions to beneficiaries flowing from dividends as a result of this stake in WIPHOLD.

Beneficiaries receive 80% of each distribution, with the remainder donated to NGOs that benefit women and children. Since its inception in 1997, the Trust has distributed just over R148-million to the direct women beneficiaries and just over R37-million to various NGOs.


The WIPHOLD NGO Trust, with an 18.2% shareholding in WIPHOLD, is a powerful instrument that enables the group to touch the lives of more than 200 000 black women through the various non-governmental organisations that make up the trust’s indirect beneficiaries. These beneficiary organisations include People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre (TLAC),

the Mnquma and Kwa Drabo Trusts, DENOSA (the nursing union), Sasbo (the banking union), the South African Council of Churches, the Archbishop TC Makgoba Development Trust and the National Baptist Church; amongst others. More than R85-million has flowed to these organisations from WIPHOLD’s investment activities.


WIPHOLD firmly supports the wisdom expressed by former President Nelson Mandela when he said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

WIPHOLD therefore established the Women Development Trust Fund to provide financial assistance to black women and men from disadvantaged schools so that they could pursue a tertiary qualification.

The bursary, which covers the student’s tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation and a monthly stipend, is open to young South Africans studying B Com Accounting (for qualification as a Chartered Accountant), Actuarial Sciences, Agriculture or Engineering.

The students are selected mainly on the basis of their academic achievement, but consideration is also given to how they participated in their school community.


School Career Workshops

As an active demonstration of our conviction of the importance of education and supporting the aspirations of South Africa’s youth, WIPHOLD hosts regular career awareness workshops at high schools around the country, targeting mainly rural schools. We have partnered with our investee companies and other organisations such as South African Airways, Air Traffic and Navigation Services, South African Women in Aviation and the Mlambo Foundation to provide a broad scope and areas of interest to the children.

WIPHOLD is especially focused on introducing learners to careers within the science and technology fields, which have traditionally been beyond the reach of many black learners.

Campaign for Girls
WIPHOLD has for a number of years been a proud sponsor of the Khulisani Foundation, particularly its Campaign for Girls project.


Formed in 2015 by Patrice Motsepe, ARC is a black-owned and managed investment company with a focus on African and South African financial services businesses. Its primary purpose is to deploy black-owned and controlled capital into businesses that generate an attractive return on equity, the proceeds of which are used to support deserving communities and causes through wide-ranging social and corporate investment initiatives.

ARC strives to uplift historically disadvantaged individuals, aiming to help them achieve financial independence during their lifetimes. It also supports trade unions, churches, traditional leaders, women and youth through Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI).

ARC Investments strives to positively contribute to the South African economy by creating a Black-owned and controlled, financial services company. “We want to create wealth for stakeholders and continue to benefit the community as a whole.”

UBI has declared R1.3bn in dividends to shareholders – individuals, groups and trusts and contributes to 400 000 beneficiaries.

In 2013, Patrice Motsepe became part of ‘The Giving Pledge’, where he committed to give away half of his wealth to charity.

The Motsepe Foundation, Sanlam, African Rainbow Capital (ARC), African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and others have pledged R1 billion to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic and its related challenges that are confronting South Africa and the African Continent.

“Our broad based empowerment shareholders will benefit from this transaction. Poor and unemployed South Africans will also benefit through the Sanlam Ubuntu-Botho Community Development Trust.”
by Patrice Motsepe

Ubuntu-Botha Investments (UBI)

Financial inclusivity and broad social benefits are fundamental principles of the UBI Group:

  • A singular focus on the transformation of our society through broad-based wealth creation
  • Redistributing wealth to uplift poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities, with significant financial flows to development trusts and community groups
  • Supporting organisations that focus on health care for vulnerable communities, education, development, sport, culture, and social upliftment
  • Economic inclusion – ARC Investments is indirectly invested in companies that offer cost-effective services to entry-level market segments
  • Developing a world-class Black-owned, Black-controlled business
  • Sustainable social infrastructure – food security, renewable energy and sustainable mining
  • Training programmes that aim to accelerate and develop financial services experience for black graduates to fast-track them to become valuable contributors to their teams and companies


Nonhlanhla Mkhize (Kwa Zulu Natal)

I own a small business and I love being a businesswoman. I use the dividends I receive from UbuntuBotho to top up my business capital requirements. I am happy to say that my business grows more and more every day.

I will never sell my Ubuntu-Botho shares and I know that the dividends I receive will enable my family and I to live a good life!